This website was made for connecting the websites of United Way of Frederick County , Maryland and United Way of Washington County, Maryland, to our Get Connected volunteer platform. Local United Ways promote education, health, and financial stability for their communities. For a better idea of our current projects and events, visit our websites below. Use the Get Connected portal for volunteer opportunities or to log in to your volunteer account.


We certainly would't be anywhere as strong and capable of helping others in need without the support and generosity of our invaluable donors. If you're able and feel strongly about a project we're working on, please consider gifting a donation of any amount to the appropriate United Way as your donation will help create oppurtunities for greatness, such as graduating from college, preparing career-ready teens, helping people find jobs, enabling access to quality health care, and so much more.


People often hear the word "advocacy" and think of profesional lobbyists. Advocacy is much more than lobbying - and anyone can be an advocate! It can be as simple as posting a tweet in support of a policy or emailing your legislator about an issue that matters to you. United Way's advocacy work is focused on creating positive change in education, income, and health public policies by:

  • Developing relations with elected officials from many parties at all levels of goverment
  • Sharing what we have learned from our initiatives and heard from the community
  • Focusing on where we align with others and working with allies to collectively drive change

We can all be an advocate for change. Join our network of volunteers and learn how you can create a positive change to beneift your local community.

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